In the third phase of the audition, you will be asked to play your required excerpts. These excerpts are designed to provide the judges with a basis for adjudicating students on the same materials with the same length of preparation. Excerpts change from year to year.

Count through all rests in excerpts, unless they are cut out via brackets or X. The rests are part of the music! If available, obtain a recording of each work so you can learn the context of the excerpts.



Youth Orchestra Violin Excerpts (updated 3/28/19) Conductor’s excerpt notes.
Philharmonia Violin Excerpts (updated 4/10/19) Pitch corrected in 1st measure after Rehearsal 8.
Concert Orchestra Violin Excerpts (updated 4/28/19) Additional Practice Tips. Bowing correction made in excerpt #1.
Sinfonietta Violin Excerpts (updated 3/28/19)
Opus One Violin Excerpts (updated 3/28/19)


Youth Orchestra Viola Excerpts (updated 4/23/19) Pitch corrected in measure 137 of excerpt #2. Conductor’s excerpt notes.
Philharmonia Viola Excerpts (updated 3/28/19)
Concert Orchestra and Sinfonietta Viola Excerpts (Updated 5/23/19) Divisi moved earlier in excerpt 2 to remove double stops.
Opus One Viola Excerpts (updated 3/28/19)


Youth Orchestra Cello Excerpts (updated 3/28/19) Conductor’s excerpt notes.
Philharmonia Cello Excerpts (updated 3/28/19)
Concert Orchestra/Sinfonietta Cello Excerpts (updated 3/27/19)
Opus One Cello Excerpts (updated 3/27/19)

String Bass

Youth Orchestra Bass Excerpts (updated 4/15/19) Excerpt #2 label and tempo corrected.
Philharmonia Bass Excerpts (updated 3/28/19)
Concert Orchestra/Sinfonietta Bass Excerpts (updated 3/27/19)
Opus One String Bass Excerpts (updated 3/27/19)


Youth & Philharmonia Orchestras prepare all excerpts (A & B).
Concert Orchestra prepare “B” labeled excerpts only.


Flute Excerpts A (updated 3/28/19) Flute Excerpt Notes (added 5/9/19)
Flute Excerpts B (updated 3/28/19)


Oboe Excerpts A (updated 3/22/19)
Oboe Excerpts B (updated 3/22/19)


Clarinet Excerpts A (updated 3/28/19) Clarinet Excerpt Notes (added 5/16/19)
Clarinet Excerpts B (updated 3/28/19)


Bassoon Excerpts A (updated 4/13/19) Excerpt #1, Peter and the Wolf, is shortened.
Bassoon Excerpts B (updated 3/28/19)


Youth & Philharmonia Orchestras prepare all excerpts (A & B).
Concert Orchestra prepare “B” labeled excerpts only.

Brass players are required to participate in the Brass Choir program which meets Saturday mornings before orchestra rehearsals and performs two concerts each season.


Horn Excerpts A (updated 3/22/19)
Horn Excerpts B (updated 3/22/19)


Trumpet Excerpts A (updated 3/28/19)
Trumpet Excerpts B (updated 3/28/19)


Trombone Excerpts A (updated 3/28/19)
Trombone Excerpts B (updated 3/28/19)


Tuba Excerpts A (updated 3/28/19)
Tuba Excerpts B (updated 3/28/19)


Youth & Philharmonia Orchestras prepare all excerpts (A & B).
Concert Orchestra prepare “B” labeled excerpts only.

All percussionists are required to participate in the Percussion Ensemble which meets Saturday mornings before orchestra rehearsals from 7:30 to 9:30 a.m. Percussion Ensemble members will be required to perform during concert performances of orchestras other than their own, as well as in the annual WYSO Percussion Extravaganza.

WYSO provides the following audition instruments for both warm-up and the audition: 4 Timpani, Snare Drum, Marimba, Vibraphone, Glockenspiel, Tambourine, Triangle, Crash Cymbals

Students must bring to the audition:
Snare drum sticks, mallets, timpani mallets and pitch pipe or tuning fork. Students must provide two photocopies of their solo music for the judges.

Percussion Excerpts A (updated 3/22/19)

Percussion Excerpts B (updated 3/22/19)


The WYSO harp program has two components: orchestral playing and participation in the Harp Ensemble. Since the harp is usually needed for less than half of the WYSO orchestral repertoire, Harp Ensemble is another setting offering ensemble experience.

The WYSO Harp Ensemble meets every Saturday morning before and during regularly scheduled orchestra rehearsals. The ensemble performs at regularly scheduled concerts throughout the season. The Harp Ensemble is required for all harpists in WYSO Orchestras. Harp ensemble focus is on instrument proficiency, repertoire and ensemble technique.

Harpists may be moved to different orchestras at the discretion of the program director, based on repertoire and/or ability. All harpists should prepare Excerpts B. Additionally, only harpists who prepare Excerpts A (in addition to B,) will be considered for performance opportunities with Youth and Philharmonia Orchestras.

WYSO will provide pedal harps for the audition.

Harp Excerpts A (updated 3/28/19)

Harp Excerpts B (updateded 3/27/19)

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