Chamber Music

Karl Lavine, Director

WYSO’s Chamber Music Program is designed for members who want to learn more about chamber music and perform in a small group setting. Some popular types of chamber music groups are:

  • String quartet (two violins, viola, cello)
  • Woodwind quintet (flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, horn)
  • Piano trio (violin, cello, piano)

Members can request their own group members or be assigned to a group with other members who register for the program. After a group is formed, a coach is assigned. Coaches may be professional musicians, music teachers, or music students from the UW-Madison School of Music. This program is strongly encouraged for all members and non-members. It has an additional tuition fee of $250 is charged to participants. Contact the WYSO office or view the application for more information.

Chamber Music Program

Chamber music is music played in small groups, usually 3,4 or 5 person groups like string quartets, piano trios or woodwind quintets. It’s performed without a conductor.   The WYSO Chamber Music Program offers professional coaching and performance opportunities for all WYSO members.  This is an exceptional opportunity to explore chamber music repertoire, become more proficient on your instrument and develop listening and ensemble playing skills.

WYSO staff will place students in groups that are appropriate, based on instrumentation, age, musical expertise and experience.  Students can also request their own group members.  We will try to honor these requests whenever possible and appropriate.

Ensembles will rehearse for nine Saturdays each semester during the WYSO season.  Extra rehearsals are occasionally scheduled.  A master class with a professional ensemble is offered each season.  All ensembles will perform in two recitals each year.   Additional performance opportunities at civic functions may also be offered.

Tuition is $250 per year.  Click here for scholarship information.

Chamber Music Application

Chamber Ambassadors

Youth and Philharmonia players learn standard quartet repertoire and perform as background or featured musicians at community functions.  Members do not have to be in the Chamber Program to be an Ambassador.

Chamber coaches

WYSO provides a coach for each ensemble within the Chamber Music Program. All chamber coaches are professional musicians, music teachers or University of Wisconsin-Madison music students who assist their assigned group with:

  • Exploring musical repertoire outside of the orchestral setting
  • Becoming more proficient on their instruments
  • Learning teamwork in a small group
  • Setting goals for rehearsals and performances

Chamber Camp 2018

WYSO members and non-members alike are invited to join us July 30-August 3, 2018 at the downtown Madison College campus for our third annual Chamber Music Camp.

More info can be found here: Chamber Music Camp

Chamber Program Sponsors

The WYSO chamber program is generously sponsored by:

  • Cyrena & Lee Pondrom
  • Ann Lindsey & Chuck Snowdon
  • Martha & Charles Casey
  • Nicholas and Judith Topitzes
  • Stephen Morton

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