Seating Arrangements

— The conductor determines the seating and rotation within the various sections of each orchestra. Competition for individual chairs is not a part of the WYSO program.

  • —  Seating is not based on the ranking of performers; rather parts are rotated from piece to piece (most frequently in winds and percussion), and from concert to concert. Every member of the orchestra plays an important role.
  • —  Violin Section Auditions for the Youth, Philharmonia and Concert Orchestras are held shortly after the initial entrance audition to determine placement in the first or second violin sections. The section division is only partially based on ranking; strong players are needed in both sections to cover ALL parts.
  • —  String players may have the opportunity to play individually for their conductor at the beginning of the season. This conductor’s hearing allows an opportunity for the conductor to get to know the members and assess their abilities so he or she can determine a seating arrangement within the section that is best for the orchestra.  Conductor’s hearings also help to identify possible concertmaster and section principal players.

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