Youth Orchestra Seating Explanation

Seating in the Youth Orchestra by Mr. Smith

Seating in the string sections of the Youth Orchestra is not an absolute indication of ranking or ability.  In fact, it is not possible to rank so many talented and gifted students.  I do have “conductor hearings” at the beginning of the year for students who would like to play for me and be considered for a principal position during one of our three concert cycles during the year.  At this time I note their leadership potential based on rhythmic accuracy, phrasing, intonation and bow control.  This also gives me a chance to become acquainted with their individual strengths, leadership qualities, and artistry.  It is important for me to know them as individuals quite apart from how they perform.  Except for those selected for rotation into a principal position, I do not rank the instrumentalists for the purpose of seating.  Each has a combination of strengths and areas that need improvement, but I would be at a loss if I tried to rank them as individual musicians.

Every member of the Youth Orchestra brings a special talent and leadership to the orchestra regardless of where they are placed in the section.  I value the quality and dedication each musician brings to the orchestra.

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