WYSO Students in WSMA Honors

Congratulations to all of the WYSO students who were selected to participate in the WSMA Middle and High School State Honors Concerts for Band, Orchestra, and Choir this past weekend!

Elsa Zank, Seth Chesky, Isabelle Krier, Steven Liu, Anirudh Sivakumar, Kylie Cook, Calvin Guse, Maureen Sheehan, Nitin Somasundaram, Jimmy Chen, Soren Davick, Saemee Kim, Sophie Zhang, Hanna Noughani, Henry Cryns, Noah Laabs, Haiwen Dai, Jack Tibbets, Simone Hendrix, Sarah Moniak, Akash Pattnaik, Anna Welton-Arndt, Evan Chambers, Rose Hess, Luquant Singh, Rose beach, Kesang Chomor, Michelle Xie, Katherine Kluesner, Su Jin Yoo, Jahnavi Gali, Jessa Vermillion, Michael Xie, Naomi Sutherland, Naomi Hollard, Meijia Li, Quinlan Bok, Oliver Epstein, Linda Zhao, Jonathan Ibach, Isabelle Tigges-Green, Adam Goren, Theodore WIlliams, Eleanor Mayerfeld, and Adam Yeazel.

Congratulations on a job well done!

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