WYSO Wind Auditions – Excerpt Notes

Flute A Excerpts

  1. In the Brahms 4th symphony solo, measure 102, beats 2 and 3, the B, F#, and G should all be under one slur.
  2. In the Dvorak 8th Symphony excerpt:
    1. the 5th measure downbeat, the D, C#, and D should all be under a slur as well.
    2. please omit the final printed G at rehearsal E.  Simply play through the 2nd ending and stop.

Many performances of both of these works are available.  For more detailed insight, the videos below featuring legendary teacher and New York Philharmonic Principal Flutist Jeanne Baxstresser, provide a short guide and performance of the excerpts.  Note the Dvorak example she plays does not include the first few measures of your required excerpt.  In your audition you are expected to play the short forte passage which precedes the big solo, as bracketed.




Clarinet A Excerpts

The first, from movement 1 of Rimsky Korsakov’s Capriccio Espagnol – The idea here is to give the excerpt great energy and spirit.  With that musical idea as your guide, choose a tempo that works for you within the style of the piece.  The indicated tempo marking is just a suggestion.  Also, you’ll notice the excerpt is for A Clarinet.  If you have an A Clarinet, please use it.  If you do not, just perform the notes as written on your Bb clarinet.  It will not be counted against you in your audition.

The second excerpt is from Movement II of Beethoven’s 6th symphony.  It is important to practice carefully with a metronome while preparing this music.  Again the dotted quarter indication is just a suggested tempo.  Whatever speed you choose, be sure to convey your strong sense of the underlying triplet subdivision throughout.

The below videos, recorded by the former Principal Clarinet of the Chicago Symphony Larry Combs, may be of interest to you.  Note, in these videos he plays more music than your required excerpts for this audition. You are only responsible for what is indicated on the website.


Rimsky Korsakov

Beethoven 6

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