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WYSO Music Makers is off to a wonderful inaugural year; a year of hopes and dreams; a year of endless possibilities. Our administrative staff, teachers and volunteers are coming together with our students and their families to create a community of people excited by the idea of sharing music with each other.

Unfortunately, these kinds of experiences are not always available to all. That’s why Madison Music Makers began; to ensure that high quality musical instruction wasn’t only for those who could afford it, but accessible to everyone who could benefit from it. It was a founding principle of Marvin Rabin, the founder of WYSO, and it continues today through WYSO’s acquisition of the Music Makers program.

WYSO will now serve these families and their young musicians as individuals, with a diversity of life circumstances, backgrounds, cultures and levels of need. Fees are determined by the family’s ability to pay.

Few families can pay the full tuition let alone the cost of the musical education they receive. It is up to us as a community to come together to make up that difference.

Your help can be part of making up that difference. And we could ultimately serve not just 80 families but perhaps create meaningful musical connections with hundreds of children and families from communities throughout the city of Madison.

Please give to WYSO Music Makers. Please help make musical experiences and performance opportunities available to ALL children in Madison.

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Contact Membership Coordinator Juliana Mesa Jaramillo if you’re interested in volunteering for WYSO Music Makers.

Donate Instruments

Do you have a musical instrument you no longer play? Is it still in good shape? Our WYSO Music Makers would love the opportunity to share the joy of music that you had when you were still playing your instrument. Contact Program Director Paran Amirinazari for more information on how to donate your instrument!

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